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 Talia 'Tally' Reslova

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PostSubject: Talia 'Tally' Reslova   Thu Sep 15, 2016 1:18 am


Full Name:
Talia Mina Reslova

Face Claim:
None, yet.

8 years, 2 months.

Hair Style & Colour:
Messy, Puffed Out, white.

Eye Colour:
Pale blue.

- Backstory -
Personality & Knowledge Traits:
- Acclimatised
^ Used to War Environment and all it entails.
^ Often calm in combat situations.
^ Requires little recreational time.
^ Almost always unphased by blood and bodies.

- Wartime Education
^ Can pick locks.
^ Quick Reaction to threats.
^ Skilled at finding things, despite poor sight.
^ Poor Vocabulary. Only knows Ukrainian.

- Worry Wart / Negative Nancy
^ Depressive, Lethargic. Used to staying in encampments. Deep Sleeper.
^ Often subject to Nightmares and Night Terrors.
^ Struggles to trust others, and trust is easily lost.
^ Low confidence, low self value.

Physical Traits, Conditions & Injuries:
- Light Eater
^ Requires Little Food, can become unwell with oversized portions.
- Steady Hands
- Agile
^ Physically Weak but able to make swift movements.

Conditions -
- Albinism
^ Strange Appearance that can get mixed reactions.
^ Vulnerable to sunburn.
^ Eyes lack complete pigmentation, resulting in:
^ Poor Eyesight in general, Day or Night.
^ Eyes vulnerable to bright lights and can be permanently damaged by them.
^ Strong preference for darker areas.

Wounds/Scars -
[Recent] Gut - Stab Wound. - A small pen knife wound gained during a scuffle with other children over food, mostly mitigated by the several layers of clothing that keep her warm.
Various - Scar - A large number of small scratches and cuts gained over Talia's lifetime.

Key -
Essentially Family - Deeply cared - Cared for - Neutral - Unsure -Disliked - Feared - Deceased

'Maisa' - "..." - Though Talia hardly knows her, she seems to like Maisa for helping her and carrying her after the helicopter crash.. She's also one of the only Ukrainian speakers she knows.
'Adrian' - "Why.. hat?" - Given Adrian's helmet in decent enough terms, though Talia remains confused as to the value of the gift she was given. Though, like with Maisa, she's thankful for the help they gave her.
Lynn Charon - "Nnneedle... n.. Don't like.. don't." - On unsure terms, Talia is cautious of Lynn despite her attempts to help her, as she tried to administer a stimpack on Talia without her being able to understand her intent. Also, fuck needles.
Olek / ??? - "No? No kill!" - A simple comment from Olek, saying to kill the kid to spare them from pain has Talia spooked when it comes to Olek, who speaks in the only language she knows.


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Talia 'Tally' Reslova
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